Fall Back in Love with Training and HAVE FUN!


Change it up

The variety in your training that you’ve been looking for AND it fits in your busy schedule.



Barbells have limits.

They can only move up and down, forward and backwards… BORING! The Steel Mace allows you to move in new, fun ways and makes for a better, funner workout in much less time.

Change Your Life

Let your workout energize you

Be adaptive and explosive.

Freedom to train wherever and whenever you want

Work It Out

Better ways to move

Access ALL the ways that your body can move

Feel Better After your workout

Steel Mace training LIGHTS UP your nervous system so that you can cruise through your to-do list with a clear and energized mind

an effective workout in 20 minutes or less

Steel Mace workouts get it done QUICK


How to get started NOW

Step 1

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Step 2

Start with “Beginner Workout 1”

Step 3

Move from Beginner, to Intermediate, to Advanced workouts, and then start creating your own!

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All the different steel mace variations the Steel Mace Workout Library are amazing!


Chris G.

The Steel Mace Workout Library gave me something that I could do anywhere!


Ashley K.


You started coaching because you loved training. Find that love again!


The Problem

The first thing that’s sacrificed when someone starts coaching is their own training. Your schedule fills up. Balancing your coaching and training becomes an impossible task. You’re left feeling burnt out and resenting the coaching career you love

The Steel Mace is the antidote to this

I’ve watched hundreds of coaches pick up a mace and smile as soon as they start swinging it. The flow that they find during these workouts soothes their already overactive brain. They forget about their “to-do” list. They become present and enjoy taking this time for themselves.

Better yet, they fall back in love with their own training and are better coaches for it



Membership to Steel Mace Workout Library

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Member + Coaching


Membership to Library + 1 month of 1:1 Coaching

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Coaching Add-On


Add 1 month of 1:1 Coaching for Existing Members

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I can watch the videos in the Steel Mace Workout Library for hours and hours and hours and never see the same thing twice!


Susan W.

The Steel Mace Workout Library has made coaching steel mace workouts so simple and easy. I match the workout level with movements that we want to practice and away we go! The videos are direct and clear so it makes following along a piece of cake. Having unlimited access to this library makes finding a workout that fits my daily needs FAST and EASY.

Jarrod D.


What is a Steel Mace Workout?

 Email Preview@builtbybenfitness.com for access to free examples of the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced workouts in the library.


Your Training Should be Fun, Quick & Effective

Coaches who get bored with their training and sacrifice it get burnt out and quit; Fact!

To be a World Class Coach you must make your own health and training your priority.

The Steel Mace allows you to do that and rediscover your love for training and coaching.

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